Numeracy Ninjas is a free Key Stage 3 numeracy intervention designed to fill gaps in students’ basic mental calculation strategies and also to empower them with the numeracy skills and fluency required to fully access GCSE Maths concepts when they move to Key Stage 4 study.

Furthermore, through growth mindsets and the promotion of regular practice, we want to ensure students’ perception of maths is positive and one in which they take pride and enjoyment.

Numeracy Ninjas is a project driven by the belief that all students can leave school functionally numerate. We aim to put the right resources into the hands of talented maths teachers, completely for free, in order to make this happen.



What’s the problem?

For too long, a levels-based culture focused on ‘rapid and sustained progress’ has only rewarded maths teachers for teaching students content at levels higher than their current test level. Teachers are typically not incentivised to fill gaps in students’ basic lower-level numeracy skills. This is a great frustration to many maths teachers who know regular numeracy strategies practise should be part of all students’ maths lessons.

This systemic problem has to change.

Students who are confident and fluent in the numeracy foundations of maths are better equipped to thrive when they learn the higher-level concepts.

We believe Numeracy Ninjas can play an important role in preventing any gaps students have in their basic numeracy strategies from becoming barriers to their learning.

And, they have gaps… Even the higher-attaining students. Click ‘learn more’ to see some surprising results when we diagnostically tested the numeracy skills of a whole year 7 cohort.

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What is Numeracy Ninjas?

Numeracy Ninjas is a whole-school numeracy intervention run in Key Stage 3 maths lessons.

In each lesson students complete a 5 minute skills test which includes: 10 questions on mental numeracy calculation strategies, 10 timestables questions and 10 questions on key topics that must be mastered before studying GCSE Maths.

The tests are marked in class by students who record their Ninja Score out of 30. This corresponds to a particular colour Ninja Belt.

Only a Ninja Score of 30 will earn students the coveted Black Ninja Belt!

Teachers then discuss key mental numeracy strategies related to the questions with the class, before carrying on with their teaching of new learning material.

This little-and-often approach, in combination with a research-informed rota, which systematically plans the revisiting of skills, ensures students’ improved numeracy skills and fluency are retained over time.

Numeracy Ninjas will always be a free product for schools to use and comes complete with the 5 minute skill books; full promotional material to support the delivery of the intervention including posters and certificates; and additional student activities for those students who need a little more support.

Should you like to celebrate students’ success even further, optional Numeracy Ninjas branded merchandise for use as prizes can be purchased from our online shop.

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How do I get started?


Step 1- Let us know you’re becoming a Ninja school

The Numeracy Ninjas project will evolve and grow over time. We want to take you on that journey with us. Please complete the form below to let us know you’re going to be running Numeracy Ninjas in your school. We will keep you up to date with all things Ninja through our email newsletters.

Also, join our Online Discussion Forum where you can make suggestions for the project’s development, discuss strategies for getting the most impact from running Numeracy Ninjas and more.


Step 2- Choose how you want to run Numeracy Ninjas

Make sure you’ve read our Terms and Conditions. Using the products implies you accept them.

We’ve made the product flexible so it can fit in with the curriculum time you have available in your school. Decide how many lessons per week you want to run the 5 minute skill tests. We advise running them in all your Key Stage 3 lessons to start with and then scaling them down to once or twice a week if any classes have students all reaching Ninja Black Belt status.

Once you’ve decided how many sessions per week you’re going to run, download the Ninja Skill Booklets. Also, be sure to download our spreadsheet to record your students’ results and monitor their progress over time.

Download Ninja Skill Booklets and record spreadsheet >

If you run additional interventions with Key Stage 3 students, download our Ninja Skill Focus worksheets which can be used for students to practise individual skills intensely for 10 days in a row.

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Step 3- Beautify your classroom with our free promotional material

We’ve put together a great package of free promotional material to engage students in Numeracy Ninjas. There are posters, sticker sets, certificates and display materials- lots of things that look great and will help you launch Numeracy Ninjas in your school in style!

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Step 4- Read our guide on running Numeracy Ninjas

We’ve put together a quick-start guide to running Numeracy Ninjas in your classrooms. Use this and our accompanying presentations to introduce your teachers and students to the project and ensure you get off to a flyer.

Download the Numeracy Ninjas quick-start guide >



Step 5- Tell all your friends and stay in touch!

Join our social communities to stay up to date with Numeracy Ninjas developments and meet other schools participating in the project. Click the icons to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages. Use #NumeracyNinjas for discussions.

We’d greatly appreciate if you could please spread the word about Numeracy Ninjas to your colleagues in other schools. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and we’re relying on it so we can make this product free for all.

Your feedback means a lot to us. We want to make the product the best it can be and rely on real teachers at the coalface telling us what works and what could be better. If you’ve got something we need to know please do get in touch.

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