Numeracy Ninjas Skill Books

This is our main intervention that aims to increase the mental strategies, timestables and key skills fluency of KS3 students, preparing them for later KS4 study. The emphasis is on this being a regular, short exercise at the beginning of KS3 lessons lasting no more than 10 mins. There should be a sense of real pace to a well-conducted Ninja session!


  • Decide how many sessions you will run Numeracy Ninjas each week. We advise every KS3 lesson for the first 10 weeks then adjusting accordingly.
  • Download the relevant Ninja Skill Books and print/photocopy one copy for each student. We’ve made these free to download; of course, you’ll have to meet the costs of printing/photocopying!
  • Download the Numeracy Ninjas PowerPoint and make sure all teachers can access it.
  • Download the Numeracy Ninjas Record Spreadsheet and make sure all teachers can access it.

In-Class Delivery

  • The whole session should be completed within 10 mins. The emphasis is on this being regular, quick fluency practice, not on it becoming a whole lesson.
  • Open the Numeracy Ninjas Powerpoint, place it in Slideshow mode and click the link to the relevant week and session. Have this displayed as your students enter the room. They collect their Ninja Skill Book and open it to the relevant page, ready to begin.
  • When all students are ready, click to go to the next slide on the PowerPoint which will then say, click the logo to begin.
  • Click the logo and the 5 minute timer will start. You will see the circular belt badges fade out as the time progresses. Students complete as many questions from their Ninja Skill Books as they can during this time. The Mental Strategies and Timestables sections should be done mentally; they may use written calculations in the space provided for the Key Skills questions.
  • Circulate whilst students are working on the task, gaining some AFL on which questions would be good to briefly discuss when students mark their answers.
  • Your time is up! will appear at the end of the 5 minutes. Students then get themselves ready to mark their answers.
  • Click through the next 3 slides on the PowerPoint reading out the answers whilst the students mark their work. Briefly discuss strategies with the class for particular questions that you picked up from your AFL.
  • Click to the next slide on the PowerPoint which will display the Ninja Score-Belt poster. Students add up their scores for each of the 3 sections and calculate their Ninja Score. They look up which colour Ninja Belt they have achieved.
  • Finally, open the Numeracy Ninjas Record Spreadsheet and enter the students’ scores into the relevant session as they read them out.
  • Collect in the Ninja Skill Books and carry on with teaching the syllabus!


  • Each half term award the highest performing and most improved students in each class Grand Master status. You can give them Grand Master certificates (available to download for free from the Promotional Materials page) or celebrate their success with prizes from our Online Shop.

Numeracy Ninja Skill Focus Worksheets

This is a suite of additional intervention materials which allow students to work on improving individual topics. There are 10 days of exercises in each Ninja Skill Focus Worksheet. Students complete the exercises each day, consecutively for 10 days. They may like to record the time it took to complete the exercises so they can see their progress.

For more information on how to run this intervention, and to download the Ninja Skill Focus Worksheets click here.