The purpose of these resources is to give students 10 days of questions on a particular skill from Numeracy Ninjas. These resources are designed to be used by students who receive additional intervention time with their maths and should be used in addition to the main in-class Skill Books. Students can use these worksheets to improve specific skills that will boost their Ninja Score.

It is intended that a teacher, teaching assistant, competent student peer, or parent sits with the student whilst they complete these exercises, encouraging discussion of efficient strategies. This is important, as students will gain no benefit from practising inefficient strategies.

In the future it is planned that we will put a cover sheet on the front of each booklet with an explanation and worked examples of the relevant strategy. Sign up for our email updates and we’ll let you know when they’re live. Furthermore, in the future we’ll create an online diagnostic tool which students can use to identify which specific worksheets they need to complete.

However, for now you should have a useful suite of worksheets to support additional numeracy interventions.


Mental Strategies


Topic Skill Focus Worksheets
Number bonds to 5 Download
Number bonds to 10 Download
Number bonds to 20 Download
Number bonds to 100 Download
Doubling a single digit number Download
Doubling a two digit number Download
Halving a single digit number Download
Halving a two digit number Download
Adding 10 to a number Download
Subtracting 10 from a number Download
Adding multiples of 10 to a number Download
Subtracting multiples of 10 from a number Download
How many to a multiple of 10? Download
Add near doubles and compensate Download
Partitioning single digit numbers Download
Partitioning two digit numbers Download
Add using number bonds to bridge a multiple of 10 and compensate Download
Subtract using number bonds to bridge a multiple of 10 and compensate Download
Count from the smallest number to the largest in a subtraction Download
Reorder an addition Download
Understand multiplication as repeated addition Download
Understand division as the inverse of multiplication Download
Equivalent calculations to make an addition easier Download
12 hour clock Coming soon!
24 hour clock Download
How many minutes to/ past a time? Download




Topic Skill Focus Worksheets
1 Timestable Download
2 Timestable Download
3 Timestable Download
4 Timestable Download
5 Timestable Download
6 Timestable Download
7 Timestable Download
8 Timestable Download
9 Timestable Download
10 Timestable Download
Mixed Timestables Download


Key Skills


Topic Skill Focus Worksheets
Multiply whole numbers Download
Divide whole numbers Download
Add whole numbers Download
Subtract whole numbers Download
Order of operations- easy Download
Order of operations- harder Download
Multiply decimal numbers Download
Divide decimal numbers Download
Place value Download
Convert between fractions, decimals and percentages Download
Multiply by 10, 100 and 100 Download
Divide by 10, 100 and 1000 Download
Add decimal numbers Download
Subtract decimal numbers Download
Multiply negative numbers Download
Divide negative numbers Download
Simplify fractions Download
Round to decimal places Download
Substitution Download
Simple directed number Download
Add a negative number Download
Subtract a negative number Download
Read a number from a number line Coming soon!
Round to significant figures Download
Factors Download
Multiples Download
Coordinates Coming soon!
Square numbers and square roots Download
Cube numbers and cube roots Download
Equivalent fractions Download
Fraction of an amount Download
Percentage of an amount Download