Once you have decided how many sessions per week you wish to run Numeracy Ninjas, download and print the relevant Skill Book for your students. There are 40 weeks worth of Skill Books, split into 10-week books, allowing you to increase or decrease the number of sessions you run each week if you’d like to mid-year.

Weeks 1 session per week 2 sessions per week 3 sessions per week 4 sessions per week 5 sessions per week
1 – 10 Download Download Download Download Download
11 – 20 Download Download Download Download Download
21 – 30 Download Download Download Download Download
31 – 40 Download Download Download Download Download


Be patient; the Skill Books can take a while to download as some are large files.

Print the Skill Books as a double-sided booklet and photocopy one for each student. The booklets work nicely reduced to A5 size.

We’re making the product freely available for you to download and use; you’ll have to pay for your own photocopying costs, of course!

To run Numeracy Ninjas in class you will also need to download the following PowerPoint which features answer, the 5 minute timer and the Ninja Score-Belt poster:


You’ll also need to download the Numeracy Ninjas Record Spreadsheet so you can monitor you students’ progress.


Finally, we hope you and your students enjoy and gain a lot from using these resources. A lot of hard work went into creating them. If you use the resources you are assumed to accept the Terms & Conditions.

This is a free product for all schools to use; this philosophy is important to the whole project and selling on the resources is strictly prohibited.

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